National Grading Reading P1 to P3

Posted on 11-Jan-2020

Date: Sunday 23rd February
Grading Times: 08.30am to 11.00am
Location: Theale Green School, Church Street, Theale, Reading. RG7 5DA

Eventbrite National Grading Reading


Please be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the grading commences to give yourself enough time to get changed, find the training hall and register as we will be starting promptly.


Firstly, please ensure you bring your IKMF T-shirt and trousers. This uniform is mandatory for all national gradings / events. We will be training in a public location, therefore we would like to ensure that the IKMF continues to maintain it’s high standards and professionalism.

Secondly, please ensure you have IKMF UK membership –


• Plenty of water. It is very important to stay properly hydrated.
• Towel.
• Light snacks.
• All Protective equipment. Groin guards are essential, and mouthguards are recommended.
• Any training equipment relevant to your grade. i.e. Knife, Stick, Focus pads, Kick shield.

Please ensure you bring along your IKMF Passport if you have been issued with one.

Eventbrite National Grading Reading